July 31, 2010

Google Alarm – A Firefox / Chrome add-on that notifies you when Google’s watching you

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Google and privacy issues go hand in hand. Even Google admits it. And people like you and me are getting increasingly cautious about our privacies online. And we should be. Internet privacy tools have become the talk of the day and if you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, here’s something new to keep you notified when you are being watched by Google’s corporate evil eye.

Google Alarm, is a tiny add-on for Firefox and Chrome that shows an alert message (with an optional alarm ring) as and when you stumble on a site where Google lurks in the form of scripts. Obviously, it includes all Google sites as well. The add-on does nothing fancy and will never come in your way but it’s more like James Patterson saying “you’ve-been-warned”.

I kind of liked this add-on as it specifically tells me what scripts are monitoring my actions. There are 4 versions of Google Alarm, two for each browser, one with alarm ringer and one without it. Check it out.

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