April 22, 2011

“Best Guess” – Google’s New Search Feature

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Ever googled something like this?

  • Microsoft‘s CEO
  • Crysis 2 release date
  • Steve Jobs sister
  • Eiffel tower’s height

If you are frequenting queries like this in Google Search, you will be pleased to know that Google now directly displays the answer on top of the search results. Although Google calls it ‘Best guess’, the results are pretty darn accurate.

Google uses different sources to determine the ‘best guess‘ result, primarily Wikipedia. The algorithms are so powerful that they will rather display no results than show a wrong guess. Apparently, the ‘Best Guess’ feature only works for specific type of queries – the ones that have one or two word answers. Moreover, I entered many queries (with obvious answers) but the ‘best guess’ didn’t show up. To add to that, no official announcement about this feature has been made as of yet. So our ‘best guess’ is that ‘Best Guess’ is probably under development and experimentation. This feature is likely to improve for good and maybe someday Google will even guess the arrival times of a late running train. Now that’s just a ‘wild guess’ but hey, it’s Google we’re talking about, alright!

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