New Windows 8 User Interface and Hardware Requirements revealed by Microsoft [VIDEO] June 2, 2011

New Windows 8 User Interface and Hardware Requirements revealed by Microsoft [VIDEO]

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At the D9 conference today, Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s Windows Chief demonstrated the new ‘Metro’ interface of the next version of Windows – Windows 8. Along with the demonstration, an introductory video was also released (embedded below) that shows the sleek Windows 8 interface in action.

The Windows 8 start screen features several easy to use, touch friendly, live-tiles for navigation. The interface is a seamless mix of classic desktop and the Windows Phone’s mobile interface. Although, Windows 8 is made specifically for touch based input, it falls back gracefully when keyboards and mice are used. The widget-like applications like weather, stocks, etc. are powered by Internet Explorer 10.

The smoothness and swiftness at which the applications launch and operate (as shown in the video) is definitely worth a praise. The Start Menu has been replaced by a tile-based screen which is completely customizable. The live-tiles act as a continuous notification system displaying up-to-date information from the installed apps. Multitasking has been made easier with resize and snap to the edge of the screen. Also, the hardware accelerated IE10 browser uses HTML5 to run advanced web apps.

Hardware requirements

You’d be happy to know that Windows 8’s hardware requirements are the same as that of Windows 7. If your computer runs Windows 7, it will run Windows 8 in all its glory. However, there are a couple of minimum requirements:

  • The minimum screen resolution required for the new interface is 1024×768. Windows 8 will fall back to classic desktop on lower resolutions. The recommended resolution is 1366×768 or higher.
  • Microsoft has some recommendations for the tablet devices related to edge to edge glass and first pixel sensitivity.

We will keep you updated with the latest Windows 8 news as they emerge. Here’s the video showcasing the new Windows 8 User Interface revealed by Microsoft:

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