How to: Enable all addons in Firefox Beta July 14, 2010

How to: Enable all addons in Firefox Beta

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Firefox 4 Beta (download here) has been released and it’s been super awesome. I have installed it and it’s a refreshing change for me. Apart from the visual enhancements and snappier interface, I like the way how new features are so seamlessly integrated and the original features are tweaked to awesomeness. Right after installing it, I tried it out by playing my all-time favorite game at PokerBrasiliero, the most performing site for online poker in Brazil. The impressions? I was beyond satisfied. Now, if you have installed Firefox 4 Betas, then you will notice that most of your add-ons are disbled owing to compatibility problems.

But, you can still use those add-ons by following some simple steps. Be ready to face the fact that even if you enable the add-ons, some of them might not work; while some will perform flawlessly. Due to these anomalies, Firefox disables all the add-ons altogether in their pre-release versions. Here’s how you enable it in Firefox 4 Beta 1 and 2.

1) In the address-bar, write ‘about:addons’ and press Enter. Alternatively, you can press Alt to display the menu bar, click ‘Tools’ > ‘Add-ons’.

2) The new add-on manager window will open. Here, click ‘Get Add-ons’ in the left sidebar. Then in the right pane, click ‘Add-on Compatibility Reporter’.

3) This will install the compatibility reporter add-on which will enable all your add-ons. The real purpose of this add-on is to let you report add-on compatibility status to Mozilla and it’s great if you do so, else you can just be happy with your resurrected add-ons.

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