Firefox 10 Nightly brings native Code/Style Inspector; Is this the end of Firebug?

October 18, 2011 21:42 pm by Jal

A major feature has been silently slipped into the latest update of Firefox 10 Nightly, which has the potential to phase out one of the most popular and extremely useful Firefox add-on – Firebug. Yes, Firefox‘s native Code/Style inspector is here.

Firebug is probably the single tool web developers need the most. For some, it is the only reason to use Firefox. Of course, all other major browsers have developed their native style inspectors, Firebug is still the favorite of the masses. But soon, it may have to face a fight for existence. The code/style inspector in Firefox 10 Nightly looks a bit juvenile but it’s just the beginning. The screenshot below shows that it already has some basic options in place, like ‘Inspect’, ‘Style’ and ‘HTML’ panes and a fly-out window called ‘Style Inspector’.

Native Code/Style Inspector in Firefox 10

As of now, you can’t fiddle with any of the HTML or CSS code. I suspect Mozilla might take a different approach to CSS debugging compared to Firebug. Like I said, this is the first glimpse of Firefox‘s native code/style inspector so all we can do is to hope that the final outcome is satisfactory. It is definitely something I’d be looking forward to. Below is the screenshot of the Mozilla Wiki page that shows the feature is currently under development and will be available in Firefox 10.

Native Code/Style Inspector in Firefox 10

Download the latest Firefox Nightly here.

So, what do you think of Firefox’s native Code/Style Inspector? Will it be a threat to Firebug? Or not?

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fergusonsarah 115 pts

I think the firebug tool will not be phase out instead they will improved the performance.