February 2, 2011

iOS devices bring in 2% of all web traffic [STATS]

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Apple’s iOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch contribute 2% of all the web-traffic as of January 2011, says NetMarketShare.

It is quite evident from the latest browser market-shares reports that the iOS mobile platform is on a consistent rise in the user-base leading to 2.06% share in all web traffic. The report shows that Singapore has the greatest iOS market-presence (9.98%) which apparently means a lot of Singaporeans prefer ‘iDevices’ over other devices from asian manufacturers. Australia also shows an impressive 5.6% of all web traffic originating from Apple devices.

United Kingdom, boasts a good 5.1% whereas the US stays at 3.4% of all browser traffic represented by iOS. We believe that the major credit for the accelerated growth should go to the iPad. Since its launch in Jan 2010, iOS not only gained exponential popularity world-wide but also surpassed Android in June last year. The future of the iOS, too, seems to be bright because iPad 2 is just around the corner.

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