WMP: How to make ‘Most Played Songs’ auto-playlist

Most you must still be preferring Windows Media Player over other music players and why not? It is versatile, organizes your music pretty well, it comes bundled with Windows and does its job quite good. I personally prefer Windows Media Player 12 (which is the latest version in Windows 7) and AIMP2. Many other music players like iTunes can generate auto-playlists based upon Artists, Album, Genre, Play count, etc. Sadly, in WMP you manually have to sort them out and then make a playlist. What if you want to make an auto-playlist of your ‘most played songs’. Here’s a very simple trick.

1) Open WMP and on the left pane click on ‘Music’.

2) Once you get the list of all the songs, right-click on the column title and click on ‘Choose columns…’

3) In the window that appears, check ‘Play Count’ and click OK.

4) You will see a new column ‘Play Count’ is added. Click on it and your list of songs will get sorted according to the number of times a particular song was played. By sorting it in a ‘Descending’ manner, you now have your most played songs listed. Double click on the first song and the whole list will get into the ‘Now Playing’ list. You’re done.