Go Green with Microsoft

Recently visited Microsoft website and was greeted with a huge banner asking me “How green is your PC?”. I clicked the banner and found out that Microsoft has taken some really good strides to make the tech world aware of the increasing pollution and the methods to curb it down. On the event of Earth Day, Microsoft tells about how they’ll innovate to improve the warming planet. “Our goals are to reduce the impact of our operations and products and to be a leader in environmental responsibility.” says the home page.

With Windows 7 just around the corner, there is no way Microsoft won’t make it a point to describe how ‘environment friendly’ Windows 7 is! As a matter of fact it truly is! With superbly awesome Power Management methods incorporated within Windows 7, the users will indirectly help the environment by efficiently consuming power by using Windows 7. Learn how Windows 7 is environment friendly.

One more thing that attracted my attention was that a link was provided on the Microsoft website redirecting to the Verdiem.com where one can download a small energy-monitoring application called ‘Edison’ which will analyze your PC and tell you how environment friendly your PC is. That’s some innovation right there!