Windows 7 Beta 1: Fix subtitle issue while playing movies

If you have been using K-Lite Codec Packs for a while now on Windows XP/Vista, then you know that the subtitle of a video gets loaded automatically when you open that video (provided the video and the subtitle file have the same name and they are in the same folder). But in Windows 7, the subtitles do not load automatically. So, if you are a subtitle freak, just as me, and want those subtitles to get loaded in Media Player Classic (bundled with K-Lite Codec Pack), then apply the following tweak:

Open Media Player Classic. Click ‘View’ > ‘Options’.

In the left pane, click ‘External Filters’. Now in the right pane, click ‘Add Filters’.

Drag the horizontal slider a bit to find ‘DirectVobSub (auto-load version)’. Select it and click ‘OK’.

Now out of the three radio buttons on the extreme right, select ‘Prefer’ radio button. Click ‘OK’.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy your favorite movie with subtitles as before.