Get Windows 7 Beta 1 from Microsoft

Microsoft will unveil its next generation operating system Windows 7, in its first public release: The Beta Release. Windows 7 (Beta 1, Build 7000) will be available as a free download-only version from Official Windows 7 website. However, the operating system is still in its infancy and its mainly out for developers and bug-hunters. Furthermore, there are some things that should be kept in mind while downloading and installing Windows 7 Beta 1.

  • Windows 7 Beta 1 will be available for free download from Microsoft website ONLY FOR A LIMITED PERIOD of time.
  • The download will be available only for the FIRST 2.5 MILLION DOWNLOADERS. So, you have to be pretty quick.
  • Windows 7 will be available as ISO IMAGE of 2.5-3 GB. So you need to burn the image on a DVD before install.
  • Before downloading, you need to register to Microsoft so that it can give you the Product Key.
  • Windows Vista SP1 users WILL BE ABLE to UPGRADE to Windows 7 Beta 1.
  • Now some important news: Windows 7 Beta 1 will expire in August 2009. After that, you will be reverted back to Vista SP1.
  • Windows XP users won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 7. They have to fresh install Windows 7 Beta 1.
  • Now some more important news: Windows 7 Beta 1 official download begins in a few hours.