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Google ‘Definitions’ just got better!

October 13, 2011 0:24 am by Jal


I am not a native English speaker but I am happily willing to go an extra mile to learn new phrases, definitions and idioms. Whenever I come across an unknown word, I look it up using  Read more…


Google Wallet May Be the New Way to Pay

October 12, 2011 9:07 am by Guest


It seems like more and more of our lives today are conducted on or with the aid or our mobile phones. Many people have completely disconnected  Read more…


G+ Client for Windows [Freeware]

July 19, 2011 23:24 pm by Jal

GClient for Windows

Yes, I was in a hiatus for a few days and I hope you missed our posts. ;) But I am back online to rock n roll. It’s not so surprising that the Google+ fever has not yet subsided.  Read more…


Mark Zuckerberg Google+

If you keep up with the latest tech news, you’d know that Google has recently launched a new social networking service Google+ which emphasizes on privacy and  Read more…

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Preview: A new official theme for Gmail

July 1, 2011 16:05 pm by Jal

New 'Preview' theme for Gmail

Google is currently under a massive overhaul. With lots of iterative design changes, the internet giant has revamped Gmail too.  Read more…


Google homepage redesign

Google’s homepage has never seen substantial changes since years, excluding of course the occasional doodles.  Read more…

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In an interview at the D9 conference, when Eric Schmidt, the current Executive Chairman and former CEO of Google Inc. was asked how end-users could be more secure,  Read more…