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It’s Official: Windows 8 Logo Revealed

February 17, 2012 23:18 pm by Jal

It’s Official: Windows 8 Logo Revealed

Microsoft has revealed the new logo of it’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8. The new logo is crisp, flat and symbolizes the Metro UI.

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Small annoyances, I know. You have synced up your favorite album in your iPhone or an iPad using iTunes, but all the songs appear as if they are from separate albums.  Read more…


Kapil Sibal, Indian Telecommunications Minister

Outrageously stupid as it may sound, the Indian Telecommunications Minister Kapil Sibal has asked Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like to self-censor objectionable content  Read more…


Degrees of separation

We should consider ourselves lucky to witness the transition between the industrial age and the information age in the past decade.  Read more…

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Native Code-Style Inspector in Firefox 10

A major feature has been silently slipped into the latest update of Firefox 10 Nightly, which has the potential to phase out one of the most popular and extremely useful Firefox add-on – Firebug.  Read more…

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iPhone4S Unlocked_thumb

This is unexpected but some of the Apple Retail stores across US have already started selling factory unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S which were otherwise scheduled to go on shelves sometime in November.  Read more…

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Google ‘Definitions’ just got better!

October 13, 2011 0:24 am by Jal


I am not a native English speaker but I am happily willing to go an extra mile to learn new phrases, definitions and idioms. Whenever I come across an unknown word, I look it up using  Read more…