Aggregated here are some 15 really cool tips and tricks for Facebook. Some of them are really useful for increasing your productivity, some are privacy related and the rest few, well, just for fun.

1. How to remove ads on Facebook page

Ads on your Facebook page can be quite irritating. To turn them off, simply get Greasemonkey and install this Greasemonkey script – Facebook Cleaner. This will remove all advertisements from your Facebook page.

2. Turn Facebook photo album into a slide-show

Our original post: Activate slideshow for Facebook photo albums

Just go to the Slideshow application page and activate the prototype. You will now have the ‘Play’ and ‘Stop’ options in nay Facebook photo album.

3. Hide yourself from specific people in Facebook chat

You can go stealth for specific people in Facebook chat using the ‘Friend Lists’ option in Facebook. Simply make a Dummy List, add friends to it, and become invisible to that list.

4. Download full photo albums from Facebook

If you wish to download your friends’ whole photo albums, group albums or event albums, then FacePAD (Firefox add-on) will do the task for you. FacePAD is a Facebook Photo album downloader.

5. Enable Facebook Chat in Firefox’s sidebar

If you don’t wish to keep the Facebook window open while you use Facebook Chat, you can enable chat in Firefox’s sidebar. For this,

» Right-click on Firefox Bookmarks toolbar > New Bookmark

» In the window that appears, enter the values-

» Now click the newly created ‘Facebook Chat’ bookmark by clicking its button in the bookmarks toolbar. This will open Facebook chat in Firefox’s sidebar. [Hat tip]

6. Know when someone blocks/delete you on Facebook

With X-Friends, you can now track your friends who block/delete you from Facebook. I haven’t tried this myself but you can give it a shot. Sorry guys, they’ve stopped this service.

7. Browse Facebook from your desktop

There are various tools to browse Facebook from your desktop. We have covered Fishbowl. You might also want to try Digsby, Gabtastik or Silverlight client for Facebook.

8. Access Gmail from Facebook

If Facebook is your greater priority than checking emails on Gmail, you might want to give a shot to Fmail. It is a Facebook application that integrates Gmail inbox within Facebook.

9. Download Facebook videos to your computer

Videos natively uploaded to Facebook can’t be downloaded by official means. For that, you need to seek help from services like Downfacebook. It’s just a matter of copy-pasting the URL of the video and you’ll be able to download it.

10. Share Flickr/Picasa albums on Facebook

If you want to share your pictures stored at Flickr or Picasa on Facebook, you can use services like Flickr2Facebook and Picasa Uploader.

11. Update your status at a future date

Sendible is a great tool to let you schedule your status messages to be updated at a specified time in the future.

12. Update Facebook status from Gmail

There is a Facebook Gadget for Gmail that lets you update your Facebook status from within Gmail. This comes in handy when Facebook is blocked at your office ;)

13. Provide a link to a friend’s profile/Facebook page in your status

If you want to put a clickable link to your friends profile or a Facebook fanpage in your status, just write ‘@’ followed by your friend’s / Facebook fan page name.

14. Update your wall automatically when you make a new blog post

Updating your Facebook wall automatically when you make a new blog post can be done either by using a WordPress plugin called Wordbook or by using a Facebook application like RSS Grafitti. I personally use RSS Graffiti to automatically update TechExplorer’s Facebook fan page as and when a new blog post is made here because it’s easy to setup and has decent features.

15. Display Facebook status on your WordPress blog

If you wish to display your Facebook status messages on your WordPress blog, then you can use StatusPress gadget.