February 25, 2010

Close all windows / programs with 1 click

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Have you ever ran into an irritating situation where you have about 10+ windows and 7-8 programs running in full throttle? And all you want is to get rid of all of them!? Well, there is a small utility that might come your rescue in times like these – CloseAll.

CloseAll closes all. I mean everything. One click and poof! Every window, every program just closes. Well, that is all it does. Quite awesome eh! :P

Once you download CloseAll (download link at the end of the post), just right-click on ‘CloseAll.exe’ and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’ to create its shortcut in the taskbar.

If you don’t find the ‘Pin to Taskbar’ option or using Windows XP, then simply right-click on ‘CloseAll.exe’ and click ‘Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)’ to create a shortcut on your desktop.

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