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iPhone4S Unlocked_thumb

This is unexpected but some of the Apple Retail stores across US have already started selling factory unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S which were otherwise scheduled to go on shelves sometime in November.  Read more…

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iPhone 4S unlocked

In case you have been in a hiatus, you might already know that Apple has released iPhone 4S (a powerful superset of the iPhone 4)  Read more…

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No more a rumor this time. Apple has started sending out invites to the hot-shots of the tech industry for the iPhone event  Read more…


Unlocked iPhone 4

If you were waiting for an official factory unlocked iPhone 4, you’d be happy to know that Apple has decided to start selling them in  Read more…

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Microsoft Skype deal

Today, Microsoft acquired Skype, for a whopping $8.5 Billion, all in cash. Both companies initially remained silent, but then confirmed. Microsoft stated that the technology behind Skype will be  Read more…


Thicker white iPhone 4

White iPhone 4 released this week after great anticipation. People are actually willing to trade-off their original (black) iPhone 4s for the newer, white ones.  Read more…

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White iPhone 4 launching April 27th

April 25, 2011 20:35 pm by Jal

White iPhone 4

The rumor has finally turned out to be true. Apple is all set to launch the white iPhone on April 27th and has in fact started shipping it to Apple Retail Stores. Best Buy confirms the date, too.  Read more…