iPhone / iPad doesn’t group songs from the same album [Solution]

February 14, 2012 21:06 pm by Jal

Small annoyances, I know. You have synced up your favorite album in your iPhone or an iPad using iTunes, but all the songs appear as if they are from separate albums.In the ‘Group by Albums‘ view of the Music app, there are multiple entries of the same album, each containing individual songs or only a few of them.

To fix this,

  1. Open up iTunes and select all the songs of the album.
  2. Right-click and select ‘Get Info’
  3. In the ‘Multiple Items Information’ window, select the ‘Options’ tab.
  4. Checkmark ‘Part of compilation‘ and set it to ‘Yes’. Click OK.
  5. Re-sync the album with your iPhone / iPad.

Now all the songs from an album will stay as one single album. Happy managing your music library!

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