Indian govt. wants manual filtration of objectionable content on Social Media; People outrage

December 6, 2011 17:52 pm by Jal

Outrageously stupid as it may sound, the Indian Telecommunications Minister Kapil Sibal has asked Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like to self-censor objectionable content right when they are uploaded by the users. This order was issued after Sibal found a Facebook page filled with hate-speech for Sonia Gandhi, a member of the ruling Congress party.

Soon after the news spread, people took to Twitter and Facebook to express outrage, mostly expressing concern about free-speech in a democratic country. Kapil Sibal was already a black-sheep due to his vile behaviour during the Jan lokpal revolution a few months ago and hence this was just fuel to the fire. Besides, I think that Mr. Sibal’s demand to put human watch over the constant hose of 250 million tweets per second, 48 hours of video per minute and 70 million statuses & updates is downright idiotic. Internet is practically the only place left where people can express their deepest thoughts with least hesitation or fear.

Here are some of the strong words of the Twitterers,

Thankfully, there’s no call-to-action from Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft. Google also denied to comment on the issue. However, 6-weeks ago, three representatives from these companies had a meeting with Sibal and stated that “If there’s a law and there’s a court order, we can follow up on it”.


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