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Youtube Enhancer improves your Youtube experience

October 2, 2011 21:14 pm by Jal

Youtube is the 3rd most visited site in the world as per Alexa rankings. YouTube is serves more than 89% of online video views and with other mind-boggling stats, it just keeps getting better. Unless you live a part of the world that still uses dial-up internet, you might be spending atleast a few hours per week to watch Youtube videos.

Today we have something that enhances your video viewing experience – Youtube Enhancer. This userscript does a lot of value addition to Youtube and makes it a perfect application for viewing online videos. Simply install Youtube Enhancer script (Firefox users will need Greasemonkey addon to install this script while Chrome users won’t require anything ) and get lots of useful options on Youtube.


Some of the nice features of Youtube Enhancer:

  • Hover previews: Simply take your mouse over a video thumbnail and it shows more frames from the video.
  • Download videos: While viewing a video, a blue download button appears to the top-right.
  • Lights-off: Clicking on the small bulb icon in the top-right makes the screen go black Ento give you that ‘theater-feel’.
  • More playback options: You will see some more controls like ‘loop the video’, ‘step forward/backward’, ‘kill stream’ and buttons to see videos in all quality and sizes.
  • Autoplay on/off
  • Better volume control
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be using this free script. Download & install Youtube Enhancer now!

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