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Preview: A new official theme for Gmail

July 1, 2011 16:05 pm by Jal

Google is currently under a massive overhaul. With lots of iterative design changes, the internet giant has revamped Gmail too. You will have to activate the new ‘preview theme’ to experience the new avatar of Gmail, complementing heavily with the new design changes that Google brought about in search and other services. The flavor of the new theme goes along side with the likes of Google’s newest baby – Google+.

This is what the new Preview theme in Gmail looks like:

Gmail new preview theme 

To activate:

Go to Gmail Options (the small gear button on the top-right) > Mail Settings > Themes tab > Preview

Enjoy the new sleek theme. You can also select the Preview Dense version if you prefer less white-space. I personally loved the theme. It is clean and so much 2011. What do you guys have to say?

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