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G+ Client for Windows [Freeware]

July 19, 2011 23:24 pm by Jal

Yes, I was in a hiatus for a few days and I hope you missed our posts. ;) But I am back online to rock n roll. It’s not so surprising that the Google+ fever has not yet subsided. People are actively signing up on the new social network and are having a really positive opinion about it. Google finally did social the right way.

Now the developers at Abelssoft made this nifty little Google+ desktop client for windows. You can easily access Google+ in a slick window that sits on your desktop. The UI is clean and intuitive. You can see your G+ feed, +1 posts, comment and share a new post with your circle of friends. It also provides tray notification. It only lacks the ability to upload pictures and videos. But it’s an app worth trying out. Do check it out.

G+ Client for WindowsGoogle+ desktop client

Download G+ client for Windows

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