5 Best Google Chrome Extensions [Week 1]

May 1, 2011 16:23 pm by Jal

We are starting a new weekly series whereby we will listdown "5 bests" from the tech world. You will find great plugins, extensions, customizations, tips, tricks, etc. in this series. For week 1, we have some great Google Chrome extensions that you’d love to try out.

1. Stay Focusd

Stay Focusd

So you’ve decided you will never visit that website (read, Facebook ) again! But 5 minutes later, you find yourself happily browsing it. Stay Focusd will be your nanny and help you stay focused on your work. Stay Focusd limits the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

2. Turn off the lights

Turn off the lights

A very cool extension that darkens other elements of the page when a video is played. This gives a nice theatre feel.

3. Unfriend Finder for Facebook

Unfriend Finder

A much anticipated feature but sadly Facebook doesn’t offer it natively. However, this cool extension will notify you if your friend remove you from their friendlist, block you or deactivate their profiles.

4. Panic Button

Panic Button

You browse your favorite sites during office hours. Yes, you do. But when your boss enters, you either close each tab one by one (quite time consuming!) or the browser itself. You are in the middle of the conversation with someone and boom! you are disconnected. Panic Button is a nifty little extension that simply hides all your tabs at once, with a single click. It hides them, not close them. You can restore them later when the coast is clear.

5. Snippy


A great productivity tool. With Snippy you can take snippets of interesting information, be it text or images and edit them, save them for future use and share them too. You can also add comments to your saved snippets.

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